Monday, November 25, 2013

Estee Lauder Event and Gift!

Hey everyone! I promised I would try to get a new post up and even with my hectic night I'm able to quickly update you on how the weekend went. It was so much fun and I want to thank Robin and Pat at the Erin Mills Hudson Bay location again for having me! People came and signed up to have image consulting from Shelley - to learn more about her go to her website here, and with that came a before photo, a consultation, a makeup application and an after photo. I helped in any way that I could and talked with clients about makeup application/style as well as cleaning makeup brushes for the artists when we got overbooked and behind. I wasn't able to even take photos during the event because the Estee Lauder booth got so busy. I had sore feet all day yesterday from wearing my 5 inch Michael Kors boots for the entire afternoon. At the end of the event I was presented with an amazing Estee Lauder gift that I wanted to share with you and talk about - it even included a personal note from Lisa that made me feel extremely special. I haven't tried much Estee Lauder makeup but I did get a full face done with it on Saturday and it lasted all day I was shocked. The red lipstick in Scarlet was my lip of the day and I loved it - plus it was a long wearing one and it lasted until I got home around 7.

I literally took this the second I opened it and yes I know the quality sucks but I didn't have my camera so bear with me guys.
This cleanser is amazing for oily skin - me and my sister both own it.I love to use it if I notice that my makeups not sitting right and I want to get a good exfoliation in but it is also gentle enough to use daily. This whole line has the best fragrance. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants a gentle exfoliator that can be used daily.  

I've been testing this toner out, I've only ever used the EL toner that was pink but that was discontinued. This one definitely feels just as luxurious, it doesn't break me out. I use this as my morning toner to refresh and balance my skin. It smells so fresh and clean as well.  

I know I've changed it up a bit and put pictures above my written but I figured it would be nice to see the pictures first. The packaging of their makeup products feels so fancy and I'm almost afraid to touch it too much because I don't want to smudge the reflective gold case. It's a gorgeous pink shade that has a sheen and a tiny bit of glitter in it, nothing too crazy though. You don't need a highlight when you wear this blush because of the satiny finish with the little bit of sparkle. It can be built up for a heavier blush look or really blended out for a flush. Definitely recommend if you're in the market for a high end blush. 

I was most excited about this product because look at those gorgeous colours. I'm obsessed with plums for this season and I love glittery shades. The light pinky purple actually has a tiny bit of glitter but it's more of a satin, the glitter seems to wear off once you tap your brush into a few times, which makes it a really nice inner corner highlight. They size the shadows based on base/highlight, eyelid and then outer v but I think the outer v shade could just as easily be used as the eyelid colour. I think it has more burgundy tone to it, with the middle being a little more deeper with some brown tones in it.I feel like this will easily turn into my night time trio when I'm going out and want a sparkly deep eye look.

Have any of you tried Estee Lauder makeup or skincare? What are your favourites?

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  1. I love estee lauder makeup! So nice but so expensive