Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Benefit Boxed Blush Collection and Review

I'm getting a new post out early today but I figured since I had a break in between writing up reports and studying I'd gladly write my post early for all of you. As I sat here listening to Christmas music I realized I haven't been giving much love to my blush collection - which is totally strange because blush is my second favourite product after lipstick. I love a strong blended blush look because it gives me colour which I normally do not have. Now I love Benefit boxed blushes. They all smell so darn good (especially Coralista) and they're so easily blended you can't really go overboard unless you wear 10 layers and don't blend them out right away. I own 3 - dandelion, Hervana and my sample size of Coralista.

Now Hervana is probably my most worn shade right now because I've been into the really pretty pink cheeks now that winters around the corner. At first I thought it would be scary with the purples in there but it's a gorgeous pink that suits my pale skin and doesn't look crazy. I definitely recommend it for fair to light medium skin tones, it might show up too fair for darker skin tones but I'm not entirely sure!

It's hard to see how gorgeous it is because its 930 pm here and I'm using a really bright light so you can see. A slight sheen but definitely not a shimmery blush.

Now, Coralista is my spring, summer, fall, winter shade. Whenever I need a pick me up in blush that I want to have a sheen and make me glow I choose this one. It smells heavenly, it makes me happy to just sniff it to be honest. It's a gorgeous coral and I think this and hervana are top shades for everyone. This shade is definitely more wearable for darker skin tones, my sisters medium skin toned (a 4.0 in the Naked Skin foundation) and it wears beautifully on her.

See how much of a sheen Coralista (right) has compared to Hervana on the left - it's beautiful! A must have.

Lastly, if you can't tell by the photo it's probably the boxed blush I've had the longest. It's definitely a classic light pink and I love it. I definitely like the newer packaging of the blushes better as they're magnetic and they don't completely remove. 

Dandelion is the top, Hervana the centre and Coralista the bottom.

These blushes are pretty long wearing, I don't see fading but I typically don't have a problem with that since I use a setting spray. They smell awesome, the shades are pretty and for $36 CAD I think they're worth it because I've had dandelion for years and I'm nowhere near close to done. There's so much product in each box that they'll last you forever... literally. I highly recommend going out and getting these blushes since they're one of my favourites. I definitely need to get my hands on more - I am quite taken by the newest member to the family; the Rockateur and I'm probably going to cave and purchase that soon.

Let me know which blush boxes are your favourites and if you have any other different ones you'd recommend me to try.XOXO


  1. I've just added hervana and dandelion to my christmas wish list! because of you I just purchased rockateur and I love it :)

    1. They're both beautiful shades - give such pretty pink flushes to your cheeks. I need to get my hands on the rockateur! I've seen it on so many skintones and it looks gorgeous.

  2. I also have dandelion since such a long time, back when these blushes were 10 grams of product! I also love the color of hervana, but I don't think I need both, too similar.