Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Body Shop Haul

The Body Shop can be deadly sometimes because they always have deals going on. I did the buy 2 get 2 free deal, but they have it for 3 products as well. I wanted the tea tree mask but they were out so I was recommended the blue corn deep cleansing mask that's also exfoliating which cost $17. I bought a backup of my tea tree toner because I love it so much and that cost 11$ but it was one of the products I got free. I also wanted to try out the elderflower eye gel because I heard it's really nice and cooling for puffy eyes. I saved $21 because the eye gel was worth $10. I could not figure out what other product I wanted because I didn't want to go too much past the $11 I was spending on the toner so I decided to pick out the face wash for my boyfriend and it came out to $12.  I'm extremely excited to try the 2 new products I bought out and if you would like any reviews once I've tried them leave me a comment down below


  1. I love the tea tree oil line. I haven't tried the toner but love the mask, face wash, scrub and night time blemish fade lotion.

    I also love their satsuma scent and will occasionally pick up their body wash or body butter.

    I also like their make up brushes and lipsticks.


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