Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Favourite Nude Lip

Being as pale as I am with such light hair I have to be really careful with what tone of nude I wear. Going too light will make me washed out and dead which is definitely not the look I want to be wearing. I do have a love affair with MAC lipsticks and if I could afford every colour they made I would be buying them. The cremesheen formula is simply amazing and that’s why I think this lipstick is probably my favourite, not only is the colour fabulous but the actual formulation is so nice on the lips.

Shy Girl is a pretty popular MAC lipstick and I can see why. It doesn't look the same on everyone which means it’s more wearable for a greater number of people. The way it looks on my mom is completely different than how it looks on me. I think it also depends on how pigmented your lips are naturally because if they are the lipstick will come across with more of a pinkish undertone. 

On my hand shy girl looks like it has more of a browny coppery tone but it really doesn't on the lips. It’s the perfect neutral because it can go anywhere from being a light nude to more of a pinky nude on certain people. It’s definitely a MAC lipstick that anyone looking for a nude lip should try out.  This was my first nude lipstick ever and it made me way more adventurous for trying new products. I also think so many glosses work on top of it because it’s a nude. You can throw on an almost sheer gloss or you can for darker shades of nude to add some extra colour to the lip.

What are your favourite must have nude lipsticks? 

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  1. I LOVE this lipstick. Totally agree that this is the perfect neutral, I use it almost everyday, even add a pink lipgloss to give it a shine. Thanks for confirming what I have known for months.