Thursday, October 31, 2013

Birthday Gifts Haul

I know I've been doing a few hauls lately but with my birthday coming up I have been spoiling myself. Last night, my family met up with me where I go to university and we had a birthday dinner. They’re leaving for a trip tomorrow and obviously Halloween isn't an ideal night to come up anyways. I’m heading out to a Halloween event tonight and I’m going as Tinkerbell!  What’s your costume if you’re going out?
Birthday dinners with my parents and sister always result in a bag full of gifts. Of course most of my gifts are makeup so I’ll be showing these on here! The pictures might suck because the weather is horrid today and I’m not getting any proper light in my windows.

Here’s a list of all the products I got:
I got my makeup for ever mat velvet +in shade 25 – which I mentioned in a previous post that I absolutely adore and couldn't wait to get my hands on it.
Yes my bedroom light is on... I know it's super dark... You should see how gross the weather is today. 

Also , I got the Laurier Mercier oil free primer which is amazing!

A while back when MAC’s Antonio Lopez collection came out I really wanted the 3 Lips/Red palette but didn’t have the money to buy it. My family bought it for me then and just kept it until now! So excited to have 3 different shades of red lips to wear now.

I got a bottle of Urban Decay de-slick which is hands down the best makeup setting spray EVER. Seriously, if you’re oily and nothing helps, go out and buy this.

My sister knows how much I adore Illamasqua and so she got me a lipstick from there! She got it in the shade Atomic for me which is a bright redish pink. The formulas awesome and longwearing. I highly recommend going out right now and stocking up on this brand. New favourite!

I have never bought myself Ro’s Argan body conditioner… It’s always been a luxury product I've wanted but felt guilty splurging. I’ve tried it out in sets and in samples….. My sister surprised me with this and I actually can’t wait to go shower after posting this so I can use it. My favourite scent in the world is this one.

Lastly, I got the Benefit advent calendar! 24 days of pure makeup heaven in December is the best way to get through the awful exam period.

So excited to break these products out ASAP.



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