Thursday, October 24, 2013

MAC Haul!

I had to take my graduation photos today at my university and I figured I wanted to go shopping at MAC soon so I might as well get a makeup application along with it since you just have to spend $50 CAD pre tax.  Luckily today the Christmas collection was just launched in store and my amazing makeup artist decided to use the ones I was looking at. She used the warm eye palette which is gorgeous but i didn't actually purchase along with the Nude Eye Bag that I did buy!

The Eye Bag in Nude contains: 1 Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Utterly Becoming, 1 Fluidline Gel eyeliner in Past Twilight, 1 In Extreme Dimension Lash/ Volume and Curl Mascara in Black Extreme, a dual ended brush with one side being a flat shader and the opposite end being a gel liner brush. All of these are sold in a fabulous black and white small clutch bag. This collection is more mature and classy than last years bow tie theme. I loved last years adorableness but I find that this one will appeal to more people and I find it chic and classic! I have actually never tried any of the products in here (I know .... How can I love MAC but have never tried a paint pot or a fluidline gel eyeliner.....). I'm extremely excited because from what I can tell right now I'm in love.

The price of this was $47.50 CAD and I am going to list out the cost of the makeup products if you were to purchase them separately below so you can see what an amazing deal this is:
Pro Longwear Paint Pot: $24 
Mascara: $25
Fluidline gel liner : $19
So just the actual makeup products in this bag are worth $68 CAD. This does not include the double ended brush which I think the girl told me is estimated to be around $25-30 along with the cute clutch bag to carry them all in. If you want to purchase one thing in the whole kit I would recommend this one. It's the best deal and most versatile since you are getting a neutral paint pot, a darker liner and a mascara.

This swatch didn't do the maroon shade justice! It's a gorgeous colour. Sadly the weathers bad today so the lighting is off in my apartment. I promise its just as gorgeous on the lash line as it is in the jar. 

Since I  was under the $50 CAD pre-tax I decided I needed a new concealer and the girl chose to use the Mineralize one on me and said it was her favourite. They cost $24 and I actually loved the way it looked. The shade is in NW15 so I must have been matched wrong a few months ago when I went because I definitely have not gotten any darker and she thinks a 13 is too light. This is my first time trying out this concealer so I'll let you guys know if I like this just as much as more as Pro Longwear concealer!

Here are 2 selfies I took for my boyfriend and mom when I got my makeup done at MAC - they're a little small because they came from my iphone! I have to say that MAC is my favourite place to get makeup done even over Sephora. I find that my makeup always looks amazing when done at MAC.. Does anyone else feel that way?

Let me know what you think of MACs new Christmas collection! Which sets do you want this holiday season?? 


  1. great haul! i guess that mac graffiti one is a mascara, got to have it just for the looks

  2. Great blog hun :D I too bought the stroke of midnight eye kit in nude and also in violet, both of which I love :) I really wanna get the lip and cheek bag in Coral and the lip bag in nude too - so much MAC and so little money to buy it with haha! Big hugs from the UK to Canada xxx