Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter

I got a deluxe sized sample of this highlighter from my Benefit Advent Calendar. It's a pink based highlighter and it's gorgeous. I've been testing it out in various ways and wanted to let you know the way I love wearing it. I tried it overtop of my foundation and blush but I found it didn't give me the glow I wanted. I love to use it overtop of my primer but under my foundation. Even when my foundation blends out overtop it, it doesn't fade away. Doing it this way makes it look like you're glowy from within almost (lame I know) and not shiny like a disco ball. It didn't accentuate my pores or make me look oily which is nice. It lasted all night with my primer and foundation so I'm wondering if that also helps it last because when put overtop of powder I found it to fade easily. This is a gorgeous highlighter and definitely my favourite one to use because it lasts long and doesn't make me look crazy shiny. The full size retails for $36 CAD and is in a twist up bottle. The packaging is adorable and so is the name. Highly recommend this product!!

Have you ever tried this highlighter before? What's your favourite way of applying cream highlights?

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