Monday, March 3, 2014

Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Line Review

I'm part of the website called Influenster, and this month one of the Canadian boxes that was sent out was a mystery box of haircase from a L'oreal brand. They gave unnamed bottles of shampoo, conditioner and a split end serum. A week later after you checked in your box, you received the entire full sized collection of that brand line. It turned out to be Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser. I wanted to give this review to you after I tried it multiple different ways and consistently. So a little background on my hair: it is colour treated ( I do blonde highlights all over my entire head), thick, I have lots of split ends, it usually gets frizzy and lots of static this time of year, but my hair has the tendency to get really oily by the next day.  Right off the bat I can tell you I only liked 2/4 of these products. You can go here to learn about the line and what Garnier says it is supposed to do if you're interested.

I have a difficult time with shampoo and conditioner (currently only will use Kevin Murphy) and this line just did not do it for me.  My hair felt so dry after when using the shampoo and conditioner in combination together. It got so frizzy and it was a disaster. I tried it multiple different times and I still always got the same result. A shampoo meant for damage erasing should not be drying and so I'm not sure if it was just my hair type that didn't agree with it or others have experienced this as well. I've never had good luck with Garnier shampoos or conditioners and this was no exception. It didn't work for my hair type but it may work for yours because haircare is such a personal preference. I'm not sure about the actual price because I can't find it online but I'm estimating between $5-7 for each.

Next, I'll discuss the 2 products I really enjoyed. The mask I found a good consistency and it hydrated my hair without making it greasy. I didn't need that much product to coat my hair and I let it sit for about 5 minutes. It made the shampoo work a little better cause I replaced the conditioner with the mask. Although I do think it works better with my Kevin Murphy or Aveda shampoos because those work better for my hair. I highly recommend this mask which is called a strength reconstructing butter, so far it's the best lower priced hair mask I've tried. I also loved the Split end serum. As mentioned before my hair is seeing a ton of these and I have noticed a bit of a difference in the number of split ends I have. It makes my ends feel extremely soft and not greasy, as it is a really light weight serum. These both also smell great and I'm really glad I got to test these out because I probably would never have picked these up on my own.

Overall this collection was hit and miss but I found some really awesome affordable products to implement into my haircare routine! Have any of you tried out this collection and if you have what are your thoughts on the products?

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  1. Heya hun, love your blog :)
    I've never used those products, but I just love Aussie and John Frieda hair products to deeply condition and nourish my hair. Xxx